When I make istinja, sometimes the smell of my back doesnt go away even if I use two litres of water. I started using shampoo …….


When I make istinja, sometimes the smell of my back doesnt go away even if I use two littre water, I started using shampoo, sometimes the smell goes away ,sometimes it doesnt even if I use shampoo. But after using shampoo everday, I started feeling a bit of arritation around my anus. My Question are as follows:
1) what is the ruling of using shampoo when I make istinja. Is it wajib on me to use shampoo when I make istinja because the smell doesnt go away or is it musthab to use shampoo or I shouldnt use shampoo at all and just disregard the smell and make istinja with water?
2) How much water should I use before being guilty of Israf and also if the smell doesnt go away, isnt that water which remains around my anus najes(impure) and when I stand up the water drops and spreads to other part of my body such as legs or my underwear when I wear it. Is my leg and underwear has become najes(impure) too, what should I do in this case. sometimes I clean myself with toilet paper after doing istinja with water, but still there remains some drops of water from my anus which drops down to my leg and I fear if this is more than(2.7Cm)of impurity, my wudu is not valid. Is my fear rigth or not?
3) While someother times when I make istinja with water, the smell does go away but it comes back after ten or fifteen minutes, Is my salah valid with this istinja and wudu although it has come during the salah? what about the next Salah,
Do I have to make another istinja and wudu for the next Salah or just ignore the smell which has come back and pray without making wudu and istinja.


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيْم

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

1- It is not necessary to use shampoo or soap when making istinja. Plain water is enough for istinja. [i]


2- There is no set limit for the amount of water used in istinja before it is considered to be israf. You should use as much as you require to ensure that the najasah is removed. Using above your personal need would be israf. Once you have washed and you are sure that you are clean any remaining water around your private part is clean. However, if you suffer from waswasa (irrational doubts about purity) then you should only wash a maximum of five to seven times, and not more.


3– The remaining bad smell is clean from the perspective of Shariah. Thus it will have no effect on the validity of your wudu and salaah.[ii]



And Allah knows best


Maulana Shakeel Tariq

Student, Darul Ifta



Checked and approved by:

Mufti Faizal Riza


Darul Ifta Australia


 (فتاوى دار العلوم ديوبند ج1 ص272)[i]

 [ii] (وأما) بيان ما يستنجى منه فالاستنجاء مسنون من كل نجس يخرج من السبيلين له عين مرئية كالغائط، والبول، والمني، والودي، والمذي، والدم؛ لأن الاستنجاء للتطهير بتقليل النجاسة، وإذا كان النجس الخارج من السبيلين عينا مرئية تقع الحاجة إلى التطهير بالتقليل، ولا استنجاء في الريح؛ لأنها ليست بعين مرئية.(بدائع ج1 ص19)


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