Moon Sighting

Ramadhan and Eid date determination can be confusing in Australia due to the difering methods used to determine  these auspicious dates. The right couse is to observe the prophetic method in all matters. The following article by Mufti Shabbir Ahmad (Imam of Rooty Hill Masjid, Sydney NSW) clarifies the prophetic guidance regarding this controversial issue and illustrates that the solution is quite simple. Also under moon sighting on the menu above, there are monthly reports of moon sighting in Australia.

Moon Sighting in Australia By Mufti Shabbir Ahmad

Jamiatul Ulama of Victoria is affliated with the The Majlis ul Ulamaa of Australia. This is a national body of like minded Ulama who released the following statment to which all national member have agreed to that the beginning of the Islamic months are to be conducted by physical naked eye sighting and not through calculations only.