Maktab Workshop March 2013

Alhamdulillah, Jamiatul Ulama of Victoria organised a maktab workshop. It was conducted by senior scholars and educationalists of the Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa who have extensive experience in teaching Islam to Muslim minority communities and have developed the world famous Tasheel syllabus on the 2nd of March 2013. Below are the recordings for the three sessions and relating powerpoint presentations used. Also there is information on the background of the maktab system, Tasheel syllabus and the biographies of the scholars themselves.

Workshop Audio and Powerpoint presentations.

The quality of the audio is not the best. We also recommend the Talimi Board’s workshop website which has similar and additional audios and powerpoint presentations of higher quality.


Powerpoint Presentation

Audio Recording


The Prophetic Method of Teaching




The Tasheel Series Books



Quran Teaching Method




Details of the Maktab (Islamic Studies and Quran) Teacher Training Workshop

Living in an age of social & religious turmoil, the matters affecting our faith & that of our children has now reached epic proportions and has become a matter of utmost importance. As educators, teachers & parents who influence generations, and shape the mindset of future generations of Muslims, the correct Islamic program & authentic content, coupled with the required skill level to impart sound knowledge is now more imperative than ever before….


These scholars and educationlists who have more than 40 years of experience in Islamic education living as a Muslim minority in a secular state; having faced the challenges some generations back that compare with those in Australia today; and having successfully developed a curriculum to counter those challenges that is so widely regarded that it is been translated into Thai, Spanish, Urdu [ with Arabic currently underway]; which is being used in more than 40 countries ranging from The Americas’, Asia, Middle East and Europe. They have been invited to address and assist in this regard. A brief biography of each speaker is attached.

“This authentic, comprehensive, and well-paced curriculum was produced by the education board of Jamiatul Ulama, Transvaal, South Africa. The 70 year old organization has put the education of Muslim children as one of its top priorities. Each package contains books in Tas-heel (Made Easy) series on Aqaid (beliefs), Akhlaq, Fiqh, History, Qur’an, Hadith, and Seerah. Tas-heel-ul-Aqaid (Beliefs Made Easy), for example, deals with articles of faith in gradually increasing depth. The books are marked Tas-heelul Aqaid (1) through (10). All other Tas-heel (Made Easy) series books are organized in a similar fashion. Exercises, worksheets, and illustrations are included.

We are not aware of any other textbook package that can even come close to these books in clarity, authenticity, breath of coverage, and suitability for the children. The books on Akhlaq and Adab cover Islamic morals, manners, and etiquettes in such a manner that they can go a long way in inculcating good morals and manners in the children.

The books on Aqaid (beliefs) also handle the subject very thoroughly so that those who benefit from them, Insha-Allah, would not encounter the confusions one finds commonly among the western educated Muslims today.

While all material is good, the one on history is exceptional. It is lucid, focused, and well presented. Even difficult subjects like the earlier internecine wars have been handled expertly. In fact, while these books are meant for young Muslims, they could be of tremendous benefit to the adults also.

We enthusiastically recommend that these books be used in the full time Islamic Schools, weekend schools, as well as Islamic home-schools. ”  Khalid Baig (



Scholars from South Africa who conducted the Workshop


Shaykh Mawlana Ayoob Kachwee

Studied in Deoband, UP

Taught for the past 43 years

Oversees the Largest Maktab in South Africa i.e BMJ

Currently 1100 students and 44 teachers

Jamiatul Ulama South Africa – Vice President

Trustee – Dabhel  Trust

Trustee Newcastle Darul Uloom South  Africa

Trustee Darul Uloom Zakariyya


Shaykh Ml Yunus Hasan
Student at Darul-Ulomm Ashrafiyya in India
Graduated in 1981
31 years of  Teaching experience
supervisor of the Jamiatul Ulama for the last  15 years
Active Dawah Worker
Travelled extensively as part of the team promote Islamic School and Maktab


Mu’allim Br. Ismail Suliman Variava

Graduated as a teacher in 1972
Taught English and Economics
Went on to specialize in remedial education
Been with Muslim schools since its inception. Former Programmed Manager at Radio Islam South Africa
Currently Public Relations Officer (15 years)
Part of the team responsible for the Tasheel Series. Travelled extensively to different parts of the world to assist Muslim Schools.