Moonsighting Report Jamaadiyul Oula 1435 2014

      Moonsighting Report Jamaadiyul Oula 1435 2014   The Majlis Ul Ulamaa of Australia have announced that the moon for the month of Jamaadiyul Oula has not been sighted anywhere in Australia, therefore the first day of Jamaadiyul Oula is on Tuesday o4/03/2014.  


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Moonsighting Report Shawwal1434 2013

  Jamiatul Ulama of Victoria Announcement: The Hilal for Shawwal has not been sighted anywhere in Australia. Therefore, Ramadhaan will be 30 days and Eidul Fitr will be this Friday 09/08/2013. Please check with your masjid for time of Eid Salaat.